Property management

At Rivera, we are dedicated to managing your property and relieving you of any worries associated with the rental and management process. We turn your property into a stress-free source of income so you can enjoy more free time.

Who is this service for?

Our service is aimed at owners with one or more properties rented or to be rented and who want to make their time more efficient or are unable to personally deal with the rental and administration process.

How does the collaboration work?

Working with us is simple and efficient. Our property management system ensures that all owner responsibilities are taken over in the rental and management process.


Renter identification

We successfully promote the property for rent and ensure a rigorous selection of tenants through carefully conducted viewings.

Delivery/Acquisition of Property

We hand over the property to the tenant with detailed instructions and carefully manage all procedures at the beginning and end of the tenancy.

Utilities, service providers and taxes

We perform monthly checks for overdue tenant bills and pay taxes to the state on behalf of the landlord.

Periodic Inspections

We periodically check the condition of the building and the goods, during the rental period, to ensure that they are in order and take measures if necessary.


We offer professional cleaning services when tenants change or as needed, so as to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for tenants.

Rental Agreements

Previous experience has guided us to develop solid contract models adapted to any type of situation.


We manage your rental income and provide you with detailed reports with the monthly or annual situation.

Technical interventions

Under our management, we intervene promptly in the event of the appearance of any technical problems, for the optimal functioning of the building.

The relationship with the renter

We maintain constant communication with the tenant and are always available to answer their needs and questions.

Design and Interior Design

We provide assistance in interior design and its implementation, so as to provide a complete solution for managing your property.



You contact us and give us some details about your property.


We present the right service packages for you.

Taking over

We start with a collaboration agreement and an inventory, after which we take over all your responsibilities.


We represent you at all stages and manage any situation that arises.


By collaborating with us, you enjoy:

  • Simplicity and security, by professionally managing the relationship with tenants and eliminating your responsibilities.

  • More free time, by avoiding managing the arrival/departure of tenants or technical issues.

  • Worry-free, by avoiding handling unpaid bills, property verification and paying taxes.




Contact us today to begin the management process and find out how we can help you manage your property successfully. We are ready to answer all your questions and offer you a customized solution adapted to your needs.

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