Rivera Real Estate


We offer consulting services for the purchase or rental of luxury villas in the north of the capital

We offer you a selection of apartments, available for purchase or sale.


We offer our investors safety and quality through a comprehensive real estate investment consulting service, adapted to the complexity of the acquisition process.

We hold a portfolio of selected offers with investment potential that fall within our investment segments.


Who is this service for?

Owners who own real estate for rent and who want to make their time more efficient or are unable to deal with the rental and administration process in person.

How will our collaboration work?

We take over the responsibilities of landlords in the rental and management process through our simple and efficient property management system.

Hotel management

Who is this service for?

Owners who own one or more properties suitable for hotel rental, and want to get maximum profit from them, without having to deal with the rental and management process.

How will our collaboration work?

We come up with the solutions and mechanisms to manage all aspects of the business from A to Z. The owner can monitor online the activity and the profit obtained at any time.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - "One stop shop for your real estate business"

We offer complete services for investors. Our management services cover the entire project development process, being with our clients at every stage of the project to ensure the best service and support.

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