Hotel Management

Rivera Apartments is a brand recognized since 2017 on the Booking and Airbnb hotel platforms, offering premium apartments that have won the appreciation and loyalty of our customers.

Who is this business model for?

  • Owners who own one or more properties suitable for hotel rental, and want to get maximum profit from them, without having to deal with the rental and management process.

How will our collaboration work?

  • We come up with the solutions and mechanisms for managing all aspects of the business from A to Z
  • The owner can monitor online activity and profit at any time


Marketing and Sales

We manage property promotion on all major hotel platforms including Booking and Airbnb. We achieve a high degree of occupancy due to customer loyalty.

Customers and Reservations

We control the entire booking process and communication with guests. We are available Non-Stop for our customers and we make sure that their experience with us is a pleasant one.

Design and Interior Design

We come with solutions and proposals regarding the preparation of a property for hotel rental. We can handle this process from start to finish.

Financial. Fiscal. Legal.

The financial income situation, along with the part of the fees and taxes that relate to the owner and also the necessary authorizations are known and managed by us.

Cash Flow - Receipts and Expenditures

We rigorously track and organize all financial inflows and outflows. Owners have online access to a daily updated cash flow, where they can check their financial situation at any time.


Cleaning, linens, towels and supplies in the units are ensured by our team, with great attention to detail.

Technical interventions

Technical situations are our responsibility. For any type of problem we always find solutions, like a bona fide owner.

Utilities, taxes and service providers.

We take responsibility for making all owner payments to the state, service providers, utilities, etc.



In the first phase, we evaluate the property in order to come up with a collaboration offer.


Depending on the characteristics of the property, we establish a financial plan and sign a collaboration contract.


We prepare the property with the necessary, according to our standards, to be rented as a hotel.

Property listing

We list the property online and make it available to our clients.


  • Increased property maintenance thanks to rigorous cleaning services. On average, once every 2-3 days, cleaning is carried out down to the smallest detail.

  • Low wear and tear in the long term as most guests spend little time in the property and mainly stay to sleep.

  • Financial efficiency thanks to working with us, as there will be no breaks in the rental contracts, so you get long-term stability and higher income.

  • Transparency: Our management system is designed in such a way as to provide the owner with the simplest and clearest picture of the activity.



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Palas Area

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in property management and are dedicated to providing you with the best service to ensure you get the most out of your properties.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your premium apartments and turn them into a steady source of income. We are ready to offer you customized solutions adapted to your needs.

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