Buying a property can be challenging and have many unexpected risks. But by following some mandatory steps and carefully checking all aspects and possible risks, we can minimize them and ensure a successful transaction.

Our Purchase Advice Service is aimed at people who are planning to purchase a property and aims to provide support and expertise throughout the purchase process.

How do we help you with this service?

  • We analyze the property documents and purchase conditions.
  • We evaluate the property and carry out necessary expertise.
  • We assist you throughout the purchase process.
  • We make sure that the purchase is done correctly and can subsequently fulfill its intended purpose.

Areas of expertise







In collaboration with our partners, experts in the relevant fields, we offer specialized analysis for the procurement process, ensuring a transaction with positive results for you.

We are ready to offer you customized solutions adapted to your needs! Our team of specialists have extensive experience in property acquisition and valuation and are dedicated to providing you with the best service and support throughout the purchase process.

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